SIPE Baby Rescuer is the result of an emergencyservice in an Emergencies Service, after a call of the hardest accidents inthe professional career of Raúl Esquinas (Health EmergenciesTechnician) in which and children were involved.

SIPE Baby Rescuer was created to provide a solution to a real nedd: to immobilize children in a car and transfer the to the hospital safely following the protocol.

Before SIPE, child extrication in an accident was solved with any available resource in place (towels, sheets, blankets, ...). The SIPE System avoids the risk of not finding any means, it adapts to the child's body and ensures a rescue in the best possible immobilization conditions, reducing uncertainty, stress and time.

SIPE Baby Rescuer has obtained the Spanish patent number P201431692 and has a European PCT. Currently, SIPE is a system that is immersed in several Children's Road Safety projects in different countries with the aim of reaching all emergency and emergency units both nationally and internationally.

“An initiative created in a real emergency service.”

– Raúl Esquinas
SIPE inventor

Our team

Raúl Esquina Iglesias

SIPE Inventor and Trainer

Juan Manuel Cervantes Cuenca

Fireman - Trainer

Luis Ayala

Emergency Physician and Trainer

Jose Mª Valles Mas

CEO Smart-baby - Official Distributor

Àngel Puig Melendres

Head of New Projects

Catarina Sermento

Graphic Designer