SIPE Baby Rescuer

Product's characteristics:

Útil de inmovilización

Immobilization items

It's ellyptic body is made, on it's totallity, by visco-elastic foam, flexibility and great consistency. Has the hability to get deformed by compression and tend to recovery to it's original shape.



The fabric which covers it is waterproof and won't shrink, it has a soft and velvetish touch. Unlike nylon and polyester, it's not a completly synthetic polymer.

Cinchas de sujeción

Fastening straps

Consists in high resistance fastening straps made of nylon, with an adjustable velcro closening for its correct placement and adaptability to every kind of child seats.



All items have a reflective stripe for night recues or low visibility.

Kit's content:

Kit includes:

  • Transport bag
  • Instructions
  • 3 Nylon fastening straps
  • 4 Tools
Elementos del sipe

1 tool cervical area

Limit the flexo-tension movements

2 tool parietal area of the head

Limit the rotation and materialization movements

3 fastening stripe red

Immobilization of the cervical area

4 tool armpit and pelvic area

Limit lateral movements

5 fastening strap yellow

Complete immobilization of the head-neck-torso axis of the child.

6 fastening strap green

Limitar los movimientos pélvicos del niño

Limit pelvic movements of the child on board

+ transport bag

Nylon bag on vivid colors for easy finding

+ instructions manual


> Sipe must be used by qualified staff to perform this manouver.
> Minimmum of 2 people: one for immobilization and another one to place the system.

Step by step

Immobilization of the cervical area.

Limitation of the parietal area.

Immobilization of the cervical area.

Limitation of the armpit and pelvic area.

Immobilization of the head-neck-torso axis

Limitation of the pelvic area movement.


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