About us

SIPE Baby Rescuer idea was born on a shift on the Emergency Unit, after a call to one of the worse accidents in Raul Esquinas's career with adult and children involved.

SIPE Baby Rescuer was born as a solution to an actual need: Immobilize children and take them to hospital safely following the protocol.

Until now, the children restrain tools were the ones we had on the rescue vehicle (towels, blankets, bed sheets...). The pediatric immobilization and extraction system adapts itself to the child's body shape for a correct work and ensure a safety rescue in the best immobilization condition possible.

SIPE Baby Rescuer has obtained the Spanish patent number P201431692 and has an European IPC. Nowadays, SIPE is a system involved on various child road safety projects around different countries, with the goal to get to the most emergency units possible both national and international.

“A initiative born during a shift on the emergency unit.”

- Raúl Esquinas
SIPE's inventor

Our Team

Raúl Esquinas Iglesias

SIPE's inventor and trainer

Juan Manuel Cervantes Cuenca

Fireman - Trainer

Luís Ayala

Emergency doctor and trainer

Josep Mª Vallès Mas

Smart Baby CEO - Oficial Distributor

Àngel Puig Melendres

New Projects Manager

Catarina Sarmento

Graphic Designer

Olga De-Vos Arnal

Marketing - Events